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what if the hokey pokey....

is really what it's all about?

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Female. Los Angeles.
Likes: sunflowers, scented candles, reading, dancing, british accents, quote books, chicken and pasta, polaroids, parliament ciggarettes, blue-eyed babies, palindromes.
Dislikes:getting cut off on the freeway, sunburns, moths, logathirims, people who don’t listen, dream interruptions, scene-kid haircuts, anything that is fake.


I make mostly livejournal icons, feel free to look, and look below for rules. I also have posted a Twilight fanmix, one of my many obsessions. I also have a few of my fanfic chapters posted here, but it has now permanently moved to my account loudmist at Fanfiction.net

I do attend school, so updates are usually not consecutively recent. I make a bunch of icons and they pile up in my folder, and bam I have a huge icon post. I am recent with my writing, so feel free to check back to my fanfiction.

Seriously. Just. Credit. Me. When. You. Use. My. Icons.
I'm not going to provide a visual aid that makes people feel stupid, I'mn simply just going to type instructions. When you upload the icon from YOUR OWN SERVER or your computer, in the comment section enter my username. To be extra cool just type in <*lj user*=cowpunchercats*>, just remove the asteriks.
Thank you for reading this! I really appreciate it. You have no idea how happy and accomplished I feel when I see an icon of mine being used and credited!


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My resources post is HERE

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