Becca (cowpunchercats) wrote,

Part Two of Three

Glares and Flares, oh my.

Part 2 of 3 in my entry for jjverse Big Bang Challenge. Go teamtrek!!!
Part 1 is HERE .


This is my first picspam ever, containing the amazing captures of cinematography from the Star Trek Movie and the use of lens flares. It was one of the millions of things that made me like the movie even MORE, and is another reason for JJAbrams' awesomeness.

I found this
here, and thought it should be added:
Q: I’m curious to hear more about why you decided to use so many lens flares, and exactly when you decided to use them?
A:[Smiles] I don’t know what you’re talking about. [Laughs] I’m kidding. I know what you’re saying with the lens flares. It was one of those things… I wanted a visual system that felt unique. I know there are certain shots where even I watch and think, “Oh that’s ridiculous, that was too many.” But I love the idea that the future was so bright it couldn’t be contained in the frame.

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